• Seam Cloth

    New clothes will eventually need cleaning. This month Stacey King of DTC outlines some of the reasons why items fail their first clean Spring is a time for renewal in many senses of the word. From new flowers to newborn lambs, for many, the milder weather that spring brings means new clothes. Ine...
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  • New sustainable technologies for wood-to-textile value chain enables increased production of man-made cellulose fibres in Europe

    EurekAlert! offers eligible public information officers paid access to a reliable news release distribution service. GRETE, the Green chemicals and technologies for the wood-to-textile value chain project, has been granted EUR 2.6 million by the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU), wh...
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  • Production technology of lace composite fabric

    The production process of lace composite fabric is divided into four steps, namely, preparation, dye, compounding and cooling. In the processing process, the first thing is to set the guide roller of the base material according to the line pattern, and reasonably determine the placement ratio of ...
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  • Why is coloured cloth more expensive than dyed cloth

    Why is coloured cloth more expensive than dyed cloth? Yarn-dyed cloth is to dye the thread before weaving it. The color pattern of the cloth can be varied, and the color is pure and uniform. The dyed cloth is woven before being dyed. Color error, cost reduction. Wired suiting, labor cloth, color ...
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