Production technology of lace composite fabric

The production process of lace composite fabric is divided into four steps, namely, preparation, dye, compounding and cooling. In the processing process, the first thing is to set the guide roller of the base material according to the line pattern, and reasonably determine the placement ratio of the adhesive.
The second is to open the oven heating device for heating, heating to accurate temperature switch on the machine again after dye, the dye procedure is not complicated, you only need to pass the base material of anilox roller coating dye, and then after drying can continue to the next step of operation, the process by compound machine automatic production, without too much manual intervention, simple and convenient, and finally to stay cool winding machine is complete the whole production steps. Therefore, strict standardized operation can ensure the quality of lace composite fabric production.
Lace composite fabric is a kind of composite material made of cotton cloth, leather, wood and environmental protection film, etc., with lace composite fabric composite machine through a special process, which has special advantages and performance. In general, the synthesis of lace composite fabrics can be divided into two production modes, with or without glue, according to whether or not glue is added in one process. Therefore, the key point to ensure the production quality of lace composite fabrics is to strictly standardize the operation of the compound machine in the production process.

Post time: Jan-10-2019

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