Why is coloured cloth more expensive than dyed cloth

Why is coloured cloth more expensive than dyed cloth? Yarn-dyed cloth is to dye the thread before weaving it. The color pattern of the cloth can be varied, and the color is pure and uniform.

The dyed cloth is woven before being dyed. Color error, cost reduction.

Wired suiting, labor cloth, color checked velvet, blanket cloth, youth cloth and so on. Used as a decorative cloth for clothing and furniture. Since the 1960s, with the development of chemical fiber blended fabrics, the varieties of yarn-dyed fabric have been increasing.
concept of color fabric

1. Full-color weaving: yarn dyed or partially dyed in both warp and weft threads (or fabric with a few colored yarns interwoven with white).

2. 1/2 yarn-dyed: the yarn of the warp or woof is dyed or partially dyed.

3. White fabric: grey fabric made from undyed yarn.

4. Comparison between white fabric and yarn-dyed products: yarn-dyed yarns have a higher dyeing fastness than those dyed by white fabric.
the reason that the fabric adopts complete color to weave, half color to weave

1. Full-color weaving: in order to achieve the effect of different colors — the same raw material cannot be dyed with different colors after printing and dyeing, but using yarn-dyed fabric can be achieved. B color fastness requirements, color light requirements – yarn-dyed products color fastness, color sense. C – requirements for a good sense of hierarchy.

2. Semi-yarn-dyed fabric: different materials of warp and weft — different materials of warp and weft have different requirements for dyeing performance. Semi-yarn-dyed fabric can be used to reduce costs and increase patterns.
Due to different printing and dyeing procedures, color fabric can be divided into unwoven and cooked

1. General printing and dyeing procedures: weaving into grey fabric — scouring — bleaching — dyeing — shaping — stretching — finishing

2. Raw weaving: the complete set of procedures for printing and dyeing after the product is woven (most of the dyed cloth is raw). Color weave cloth with mature weave in general.
The classification of colored cloth

1. All-cotton yarn-dyed fabric: the warp and woof are made of cotton. Products: shirt cloth, sheet, blanket, curtain, tablecloth, etc.

2. Polyester/cotton yarn-dyed fabric: A yarn is made of polyester/cotton blended yarn with T90/C10 specifications; T80 / C20; T70 / C30; T65 / C35; T55 / C45; T-50 / C50; There is also CVC specification: in the C65/T35 cotton products, it is possible to pour the proportion (CVC) of polyester and cotton polyester, but in the actual operation, considering the cotton yarn technology and fabric style fastness, wear resistance, etc., on the design of several common varieties, as described above. B polyester filament and cotton yarn interweave: the warp thread is cotton and the weft thread is polyester; Or the warp thread is polyester continuous thread is cotton, or the warp thread has a few polyester or woof line has a few cotton. C terylene is interwoven with terylene.

3. Real silk yarn-dyed fabric: double palace, sliver, plaid. 4. Large jacquard and color fabric: brocade satin, high-grade curtain, bedspread, etc. Dyeing cloth: the cloth produced by the process of desizing, boiling, bleaching and dyeing (in the dye VAT) is mostly dyed cloth.

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